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Welcome To EMPC


EMPC has been established under the umbrella of the 6th of October Media Free Zone. Given its status as such, it provides many advantages to investors and to those interested in producing drama and other media forms.
On 24th February 2000, a Cabinet decree was adopted approving the creation of a free zone in the Sixth of October City, to deal with art, drama and other forms of media productions.

EMPC is media free zone’s major component covering a surface area of 3 million square meters.

  1. Promote Egypt as a world-class production spot with very unique shooting locations.
  2. Provide production companies with all essential information, production services & equipment whether for shooting purposes or for pre & post production, regarding Cinema and TV.

To create an internationally competitive audiovisual production and services industry with very significant prices, adding to our profit and to the Egyptian Economy.

  1. Promote Egypt as a growing and solid investment and business center for the implementation of international production projects
  2. Creating an investment friendly environment as well as offering all kinds of production services, labor and information, to be able to host all kinds of media productions.

Our Happy Clients

Investment Advantage

1- Cinema and television studios.
2- Satellite channels.
3- Digitally pressed and alternative radio and television broadcast systems.
4- Ciphering and conditioned penetration satellite systems.
5- Out-door shooting areas.
6- Software-development units.
7- Printing presses.
8- Specialized academic and 9- training centers.
10- Recreational and tourist areas.
11- Hotels and conference centers.
12- Data services.
13- Advertising and marketing.

  1. Except for passenger cars, all project imports will be exempted from capital, sales and other taxes and custom duties and tariffs for the project’s duration.
  2.  Neither the projects, nor their profits will be subject to tax laws applied in Egypt throughout the projects’ duration.
  3. Project exports will not be subject to normal customs procedures.
  1. No restrictions on investors’ nationality.
  2. Free choice of project’s legal format.
  3. Unrestricted transfer of profits, funds and re-exportation.
  4. No constrains on local or foreign imports; Media Free Zone imports are not subject to ordinary host country import regulations.
  5. No restrictions on rent-leasing to others.
  6. No restrictions on either product- pricing or profit-ceilings.
  7. Foreign investors and their employees are granted visa facilities and will be allowed to stay as long as their project lifetime.
  1. Media Free Zone projects shall neither be nationalized nor confiscated.
  2. Projects’ funds shall not be seized, frozen or confiscated without due process.
  3. Projects shall not be sued without prior permission from the General Authority for Investments and Free Zones.