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Post Production


The technical support units are the kitchen where most forms of drama and art get the final touch.

The quality of the final product depends on how good the appliances and on how skilled the workers in that kitchen are.

At EMPC, there are many, though very much integrated technical post-production support units.

The Dubbing Division:


It is supplied with the most advanced dubbing equipment to be used on different films and series.

EMPC has dubbed a great many number of Latin American productions before selling them to Arab, African and East Asian countries.


Sound Recording Studios:

These represent another asset to EMPC.

It is here that recordings of major musical troupes can be made with hi-tech digitized and computerized recording and mixing equipment.
EMPC also offers a sound-effects library, an SSL sound mixer, a Pro-tool HD3 and highly sensitive microphones.

The Copying Division:

It is where all kinds of video tapes are copied in actually no time at all, and at very competitive prices, given the digital technology used.

Master Control Room

It is known as “the Master”. It is responsible for transmitting correct signals to the Nile Sat Company and it is the link between EMPC studios and the Nile Sat.

Moreover, it is responsible for the image quality control since its receipt from the studio till its transfer to the Nile Sat, that’s in addition to the 24/7 broadcast monitoring all year round, including official vacations, due to the importance and gravity of the place that broadcasts the content of all satellite channels to everywhere in Egypt.

The room is ranked second in Egypt after its counterpart in the Egyptian TV “Egypt Official TV”.

Editing Unit

They include both linear and simple cut editing divisions.

Linear editing divisions each have from 3 to 4 digital video sets, a digital mixer, a control unit, a digital effects console, a colour control console, a sub-title-writer, and a sound mixer.

O.B. Van

For out-door shooting purposes EMPC provides numerous services:

– information about local and foreign sets.
– production planning assistance.
– Accommodations.
– The technology that goes with all this.