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EMPC Training Center

EMPC is the first and largest media city in the Middle East.
It includes a great number of famous satellite channels, Arab radio stations and studios that operate according to state-of-the-art technologies.
The training center offers the graduates and under-graduates a number of the latest courses in the media, studio engineering and computer sciences.
The courses introduce specialized curricula plus a comprehensive practical training program at EMPC studios.
They are given by a selected group of Academic specialists in the fields of cinema and media.
At the end, the student will be given a certified certificate of successfully passing the course.
The training center offers practical courses in the following branches:

  • Media Industry
  • Studios Engineering and Power Plants
  • Management of Media Institutions

Given by: Professional specialists
Our Aim:

  • Improve media staff performance
  • Qualify fresh graduates and under graduates of Engineering and Media branches for the labor market.

EMPC Training Center

The Right Start to become a  Media Expert 

Sound Engineering


How to make a movie


Other Courses

Practical workshops and training courses

1. TV Setup and Presentation
2. How to make a movie.
3. How to make a talk show.
4. Acting Workshops
5. Drama Photography
6. Sound Engineering
7. Basics of Studios Engineering
8. Final Cut
9. Final Cut Pro
10. Color Correction
11. Adobe Premiere
12. Photoshop
13. After Effects
14. Production
15. Editing

For Further Inquiries, kindly contact us at:
Tel. (+202) 38555073
Mobile: (+2) 01000244518