Egypt itself offers a spectacular range of potential locations as well as a long established film heritage. With this rich background of time, place and people, the idea of a media production city was born.

As a major institution, EMPC would seek to bring Egypt’s genius out into works of art and drama and into other media forms, produced at a lesser cost, though with the same quality , if not better than at other places.

Our Aim

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    Promote Egypt as a growing and solid investment and business center for the implementation of international production projects.

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    Create an investment friendly environment as well as offer all kinds of production services, labor and information, to be able to host all kinds of media productions.

Our Vision

To create an internationally competitive audiovisual production and services industry with very significant prices, adding to our profit and to the Egyptian Economy.

Our Mission

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    Promote Egypt as a world-class production spot with very unique shooting locations.

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    Provide production companies with all essential information, production services & equipment for cinema and TV shooting, pre and post production purposes.

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