Pharaonic area



Over the ages, and as far back as seven thousand years, Egypt stood the land where civilizations have always met. The Pharaohs together with the Greeks and the Romans have left their imprints here. Muslims from the Arab Peninsula, led by Amr Ibn Al Ass, introduced Islam into Egypt. Khedive Mohammad Ali, with his Albanian family roots, put Egypt on the road to modernity.

If anything, the cultural mix in this country is natural, given its heritage. Egypt can be likened to an open museum with monuments of the different historical periods on display everywhere. With the genius of place and time, the country stands the Arab world’s cultural beacon. The movie industry was launched in Cairo a hundred years ago. Hence, Egypt itself offers a spectacular range of potential locations as well as a long established film heritage

With this rich background of time, place and people, the idea of a media production city was born. A major institution, it would seek to bring Egypt’s genius out into works of art and drama and into other media forms, produced at a lesser cost, though with the same quality , if not better than at other places.


EMPC is supplied with state-of-the-art engineering equipments for its diverse spacious plateaus and for its technical support centres. It has the most advanced out-door shooting equipments and the most skilled teams to man them. The International Academy for Media Sciences [IAMS] is also located here; an educational institute to provide EMPC and Egyptian media at large with qualified graduates, well-trained to use the diverse media and art production tools.

Hollywood of the Middle East