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EMPC is currently encouraging foreign production houses to shoot in Egypt and hopes to meet the production houses’ goals regarding versatility,

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The Islamic Area

IT COVERS 76000 SQUARE METERS Includes various types of architectural styles “Ottoman and Mameluke ” .Provides special pictorial climate, where the forts and castles and all features of antiquity leaving a large part of the area to the creative imagination of designers and directors to add interior and exterior d…


Alexandria Area

IT COVERS 74000 SQUARE METERS It holds replicas of both old and contemporary Alexandria.In the construction process, great care was given to the minutest details of the 1940s’ western building style prominent in parts of the city where the rich used to live.Oriental-styled houses are also present, which gives us a…


Pharaonic Area

IT COVERS165000 SQUARE METERS The most beautifully built of all areas; it covers some 165 thousand square meters with only 10 percent of it currently used. It has magnificent buildings of various forms and colors.It is an exact replica of Tell al-Amarna, the city built by Akhenaton and destroyed after his death by…


Rural Area

IT COVERS 723000 SQUARE METERS It provides a natural rural environment for creative directors to make use of in their productions Village (A) :offers a railroad station with different forms of train locomotives, complete with signals and wooden platforms. Added to this, there is a canal, a bridge, a mandara, where…


Popular Districts Area

IT COVERS 68000 SQUARE METERS The hara (the popular alley) has a very special appeal to television and cinema producers. This is why EMPC has visited and recreated the day-to-day aspects of life in the hara. The area spreads over 68 thousand square meters, where the hara, both in the past and at present,is reprodu…


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