UNESCO Praises EMPC efforts in Saving the Audiovisual Heritage

UNESCO Praises EMPC efforts in Saving the Audiovisual Heritage


Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Muzaini, Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for Science in the Arab Countries, praised the efforts made by the Egyptian Media Production City company (EMPC) and its great achievements in various fields, especially in saving the audiovisual heritage. Al-Muzaini expressed his happiness, with the completion of the digitization of the Egyptian Cinema newspaper issues, through EMPC Center for the Restoration of Audiovisual Heritage.

This came during Al-Muzaini's visit to EMPC, last Tuesday, to discuss the aspects of mutual cooperation between the two sides, foremost of which is the preparation for a joint symposium on saving the audiovisual heritage, and the necessary steps to transform EMPC Center for Audiovisual Heritage Restoration into a regional center. Al-Muzaini also pointed out that the only center for the restoration of the audiovisual heritage affiliated with the UNESCO so far is in South Korea, and he said, "We pledge to do everything possible to include EMPC audiovisual heritage restoration center under the umbrella of the UNESCO."

In this context, EMPC Chairman, Abdel-Fattah Al-Jibali, reviewed, during his meeting with Al-Muzaini, EMPC efforts in preserving the audiovisual heritage through the Center for the Restoration of the Audiovisual Heritage in the city, which contributed to saving many documentary and fiction films and preserving them for the future generations, mentioning, in the meantime, the procedures followed to transform EMPC audiovisual heritage restoration center into a global center and expert house, aiming to preserve the audiovisual heritage, through the cooperation with various official and private agencies in different countries of the world, under the slogan of “Identity and Diversity”.

The meeting discussed the ongoing efforts to develop the Egyptian Media Production City to keep pace with the latest global technologies. The meeting also tackled the ongoing steps to prepare for the organization of a joint international symposium between the UNESCO and EMPC discussing the global efforts to save the audiovisual heritage, which is scheduled to be hosted by EMPC next June.
with the participation of representatives from Egypt and various countries of the world.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hani Abul-Hassan, Chairman Advisor for International Cooperation, and Dr. Paul Hector, the UNESCO Regional Office Advisor for Information and Communication.