EMPC Training Center

EMPC is the first and largest media city in the Middle East.
It includes a great number of famous satellite channels, Arab radio stations and studios that operate according to state-of-the-art technologies.
The training center offers the graduates and under-graduates a number of the latest courses in the media, studio engineering and computer sciences.
The courses introduce specialized curricula plus a comprehensive practical training program at EMPC studios.
They are given by a selected group of Academic specialists in the fields of cinema and media.
At the end, the student will be given a certified certificate of successfully passing the course.
The training center offers practical courses in the following branches:

Media Industry
Studios Engineering and Power Plants
Management of Media Institutions
Given by: Professional specialists

Our Aim

Improve media staff performance
Qualify fresh graduates and under graduates of Engineering and Media branches for the labor market.

Sound Engineering
How to make a movie
Practical workshops and training courses:
TV Setup and Presentation
How to make a movie.
How to make a talk show.
Acting Workshops
Drama Photography
Sound Engineering
Basics of Studios Engineering
Final Cut
Final Cut Pro
Color Correction
Adobe Premiere
After Effects