EMPC has  6 studio complexes (A, B, C, D, E & F) Each complex comprises studios of various areas (55 – 1200 sq. meters) for video production established according to the highest international technologies and equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment and lighting grid.

The studios are equipped with up-to-date newsroom and news-reporting technologies,Direct connectivity with the satellites allows receiving and re-broadcasting correspondents’ reports via Nile Sat.All studios are digitized and supplied with:

Cameras with various range lenses,Digitized photo-mixers,Computerized visual effects units,Monitors,Sound-mixers, CD players and special effects units,Telephones circuits to receive phone calls,Screen-readers,Wired and wireless microphones.

Sound Recording Studios

These represent another asset to EMPC.

It is here that recordings of major musical troupes can be made with hi-tech digitized and computerized recording and mixing equipment.

EMPC also offers a sound-effects library, an SSL sound mixer, a Pro-tool HD3 and highly sensitive microphones.

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Dolby Atmos Studio

EMPC DOLBY- ATMOS studio is considered one of the latest high-quality systems applied in cinemas as it creates a true multi-dimensional sound flow .

It is considered the first and biggest of its kind in the region.

Using this system will lead to producing movies with high sound quality equal to those used in universal movies.

Moreover, it will provide a distinctive service for private movie production companies in Egypt, especially after introducing the ATMOS technique found exclusively at EMPC newest sound studio.

The Dolby studio includes state-of-the-art equipment for sound mixing (Avid HDX) which permits using 512 sound tracks that could be mixed up till they reach 128 audio channels via the Dolby Atmos system.

That’s in addition to the accompanying metadata to be distributed among cinemas in the best possible dynamic way through amplifiers according to the cinema potentials.

The Avid s6 M40 sound mixer is considered the best among all current sound mixers used in Egypt and the Arab region. It enables the usage of the audio pro-tools systems to accommodate multiple formats.

This system provides each amplifier with a unique feed depending on its precise location.

The Dolby Atmos studio contains 47 high-quality headsets which enable the sound engineer to innovate in distributing the sound.

The studio display hall includes 18 lower seats and (4) VIP seats.